The Appropriate Baby Showers Gifts

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What is an appropriate baby shower gift?

Almost all baby shower gifts are appreciated as long as they are not offensive, embarrassing or insulting to the “mommy-to-be” or hostess. That fact alone should remove much of the anxiety associated with shopping for the appropriate baby shower gift. An appropriate baby shower gift is a gift that is suitable for the particular person and the particular occasion. If you focus on usefulness and avoid offence your chance of finding the appropriate gift is very good.

History behind baby shower gifts

Some believe the baby shower gift giving goes as far back as the first baby shower. However, it is difficult to find a date when the first baby shower gift was given. Research indicates the “showering” of the “Mommy-to-be has been popular in many countries for hundreds of years. Many sources say the baby shower originated as far back as the late eighteen hundreds. These sources say it received its name from the “showering” of gifts on the mother-to-be.

In the beginning, the baby shower was a tea party given for the “Mommy-to-be” and only women would attend. These parties were normally given after the baby was born because pregnant women did not appear in public. The baby shower gift was very practical and handmade: article of clothing, blankets, and food items. Except for the silver given by the grandmother.

Originally the baby shower was given for the first baby of the “mommy-to-be.” Tradition has changed that to all babies since all are considered a miracles and deserve the same treatment as the first.

In recent years baby showers often occur before the baby is born. Because of the new technology the health and gender of the baby is not so much a mystery as before. So, showers are held early in preparation for the new baby’s arrival without the worry of buying an inappropriate baby shower gift.

What makes the baby shower gift appropriate

Knowing something about the family and what their needs are in regards to caring for the new arrival as well as their lifestyle will narrow down the search for the appropriate gift. The appropriate baby shower gift is one that will be appreciated, in keeping with the lifestyle of the parent, useful in caring for the baby immediately or in the future. If the parent has a baby shower registry, the choice of a gift can be make easier by simply choosing a gift on the list not purchased yet.

Age appropriate is normally a consideration when giving a gift to a child. However, for the baby shower it is appropriate to give gifts to be used at a later age or gift that will covers a wide age range. With toys, we recommend you go with three years old and under to avoid parts small enough for the baby to swallow.

Some gifts may fit the lifestyle of the parent more than others. For example: If the parent like hiking you might consider a carriage that is convenient for taking baby on hikes or if the parent is a runner you might consider a jogging stroller.

Following these few simple rules will make you a hit at any baby shower.

Some things to consider when choosing a baby shower gift

At the start only women were invited to baby showers, but today these celebrations can include father, grandfather, and any male family members. Therefore, any one can find themselves shopping for the appropriate baby shower gift.

Historically, the grandparent would give a gift of silver as a small amount of inheritance for the child. Some grandparent still give the gift of silver today. Others grandparent have expanded the idea of a inherence to include saving accounts, saving bonds and stock certificates. In some places it is still traditional for the grandmother to make a baby blanket or small quilt for the baby. These are still appropriate baby shower gifts.

Most of the times those invited to the baby shower will not be grandparent and will be looking for other appropriate gifts. Understanding the appropriate gift is suitable for the particular person and the particular occasion, is usefulness and does not offend, you will find the following meet the requirement as appropriate baby shower gifts:

1. Any item from the baby shower gift registry not already purchased. You don’t have to get the item from the selected store.

2. Disposable Diapers and baby wipes- Diapers are expensive, and babies use them quickly, so new parents always appreciate a gift of diapers.

3. Baby Clothes-Baby clothes in larger sizes will likely be used more. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, a gift certificate is a welcome baby shower gift, allowing the parents to choose an outfit after baby arrives.

4. Books and DVD – Buying Books, DVDs and Music-Help boost baby’s brainpower by choosing a classic baby book, educational DVD.

5. Baby Toys – You can buy baby toys made for older babies for use later in baby’s life, but stick with toys for ages 3 and under to avoid the possibility of the baby choaking on the small parts. Your gift can be used for a longer time if its for a wider age range.

6. Lifestyle Gifts for Parents and Babies — If you want to give a baby shower gift that’s out of the ordinary, consider the parents’ lifestyle. (Ex. Joggers, Bikers).

7. Gift Baskets – Gift baskets make a wonderful keepsake gift and contains many of the essentials necessary for the new bundle of joy.

8. Baby Blankets – Infants quickly become attached to their security baby blankets. It will bring much joy to your baby.

9. Gift Certificates- For busy new parents, gift certificates can make it easy to pick up last-minute items that were forgotten in the preparations for baby’s arrival. Gift certificates also give parents-to-be a way to purchase a special item that they really wanted but didn’t receive at the baby shower. Baby shower gift certificates don’t have to be just for baby products, either. New parents might enjoy gift certificates for dinner delivery, movie rentals, house cleaning, massage, day spas or cloth diaper service. (Ex. gift certificates online).

Successful baby shower giving

Don’t offend or embarrass the new mom or the hostess and most any gift will be appreciated. To be thoughtful and give what is needed or what the parent wants most, follow the guidelines in this article. Selecting what the parent will appreciate and need is the secret to successful baby shower giving.

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Baby Shower: Novel Way of Arrangement

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Photo matching – enticing baby shower game- all the guests should bring the baby picture of themselves. Arrange all pictures on a board. Give each picture a number. Each guest has to match the adult guest name with the corresponding baby picture. The guest with the most correct matches wins.

Top Baby Songs- entertaining baby shower game-divide the guests into teams. Ask them to write down as many songs that have the word baby in the title in 3to 5 minutes. The team with most song titles wins. The losers can sing a baby song chosen by the winners.

Baby shower invitations.

Baby Shower invitations can be as formal or informal. The baby shower invitation can be simple or complicated. We can decide that. However, it is worth putting some time and effort into baby shower invitations, because it sets the mode and tone for that special Baby Shower Party.

The invitation must have Time, Date & location of party. The baby shower invitation must contain your telephone and email addresses. We should always remember to include details of the events that need preplanning or preparation.

Baby shower themes.

Baby shower themes are a great idea for a baby shower, by creating a real party atmosphere by matching baby shower invitations, baby shower favors, baby shower decorations, and Baby Shower Games. Below, there are few favorite baby shower themes. We should always remember that the baby shower theme must suit the most important guest [the expectant mother].

Once the baby shower theme is decided, we can use the theme for baby shower invitations, baby shower decorations, Baby Shower games, baby shower cakes, and baby shower favors. . Write an alphabet letter on each guest’s invitation. Ask them to bring a gift beginning with that letter. Decorate the room with letters.

Baby shower gifts

The gifts that we give should be useful for the baby. The baby shower gift may be simple or expensive that depends on our purse weight. Here are few suggestions.

Baby’s First Library: The Runaway Bunny, Big Red Barn, and Goodnight Moon
LullaBag Gift Cradle – Natural Cotton – used up to 12 months, Wooden Two-Step Stool- this comes in 2 colors, Small Photo Album, -used from birth to over 36 months, Classic Red Tricycle used from 24 months and up

Baby shower Cakes

Baby shower cakes are a practical, yet beautiful gift for new parents and baby and made to look just like their name, a cake. These clever little beauties are filled with all kinds of useful baby items such as diapers, bibs, bottles, pacifiers, shoes, socks, etc.

All the things a new parent needs to get them started! This gift is a great centerpiece at a baby shower and as the gift! It is sure to “wow” everybody! Perfect to take to Mom and Baby at the hospital, too.

Baby shower decoration

Baby shower decoration- decorates the room with pictures of famous movie stars and films. We can also decorate the room with pop star posters. We can decorate room as per any children story such as ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ or ‘Goldilocks. We can use children’s books for table centerpieces. Stack the books and tie ribbon around the books with a big bow on top. Decorate the top with a pacifier.

Stable baby shower decoration-decorate the room as a stable with a manger big enough for Mom. Another type of decoration is Umbrella baby shower decoration-Decorate room with umbrellas, galoshes, etc. Tell all the guests that the forecast says showers today and every one comes in raincoats.